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God LOVES Your Stew!

What would you change if the twelve-year-old you knew who you would become? Anything? Everything? What if, you could become that twelve-year-old again, with complete understanding of everything you have done since your twelfth birthday, and you could make changes

Would you study more and party less? Would you take better care of your body? Would exercise and diet take on a new priority in your day-to-day life?

Who we are is like a good or stew. If we leave out the carrots, reduce the salt, or don’t add meat, it just isn’t the same. So, it is with your stew. Everything in your life, the good, the bad, the painful, the joyful, the abundance, and the failure; make you who you are. You were designed to go through everything that made your stew. So, rather than condemn your stew as too salty, too spicey, or to too weak; embrace your stew. You are everything God wants you to be. He designed you, He chose you, and you are who He wants you to be.

God Knows Your Stew

Scripture tells us that God exists outside of time. Time was created by man, not by God. We use time to explain things that we do not understand. God understands who we are, who we were, and who we will become. God does not need time to point to events as milestones along a path. When God sees us, He sees our complete stew. Everything we ever did, or will do, God already sees it!

Just like God was there thinking about you before He created the universe, God is there at the end of everything, with complete knowledge of you, and everything you are and did.

The good news is that God loves your stew! He always has and He always will! So, embrace your stew and be glad in it!

There is No Stew like Your Stew!

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