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No Condemnation!

What You Consume, Consumes YOU!

Think about it. What would your life look like if all you ate was chocolate cake and drank coffee? You would be full of nervous energy, so active that you would get nothing done. Then, after that inevitable trip to the emergency room for a sugar coma, you crash. Hard! The food we eat makes our body what it is. The same is true with what our minds consume. The Influence of the world impacts how we think.

Like the sugar assault, when we get too much of a “good thing”, bad things can happen. So, isn’t it a good idea to watch what goes into your head? Focusing on good, positive stuff and not the negative? Of course!

While negative, bad influences can certainly affect what we do, they also dictate our moods, our desires, joy, and happiness, making our self-talk negative and judgmental. What we say and do, also impacts everyone around us. Have you ever noticed how a simple smile can change someone’s day? Or, a kind word that dramatically changes someone’s appearance? A once disheartened slumping body is now strutting around like a spring chicken after hearing a sincere compliment. Didn’t they consume what you said and then become it?

Throughout scripture we are taught to guard what words we let influence us. We are also repeatedly guided to be careful with what we say to others. Words Have Power!


We all seem to work so hard to “feel” comfortable. Does criticizing others, or ourselves, bring us comfort? Can tearing someone down with our words, somehow empower us? Is our self-condemnation simply excusing us from the life God created us for?

In my recent studies, God showed me a new understanding of Condemnation. When we judge or condemn others or ourselves, we awaken sin. Think about that. Our words bring sin to life.

The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans:

“… for in the absence of the law, Sin Hides Dormant.”

Romans 7:8 TPT

Therefore, isn’t sin always there without power, until the law is applied through our judgement? When we criticize others and ourselves we plant a negative seed of condemnation and sin is awakened in others and in us!

“The Seed We Nurture, is the Seed that Will Grow!”

Remember the scripture in John 8:4-11 about the Woman Caught in Adultery?

Jesus instructed her accusers with this famous statement, ...

“Let’s have the man who has never had a sinful desire throw the first stone at her.”

When her accusers slowly left the crowd one at a time, Jesus asked,

“Dear woman, where are your accusers? Is there no one here to condemn you?”

Looking around, she replied,

“I see no one, Lord.”

When there was no longer any condemnation, Jesus said,

Then I certainly don’t condemn you either. Go, and from now on, be free from a life of sin.”

John 8:4-11 TPT

Instead of judgement and condemnation, when we allow God’s AGAPE Love to flow out of us, we empower others, and ourselves! God’s ever-present power of Love is the undefeatable, impermeable and indisputable force of all things good in the Universe; tearing down walls, moving mountains and changing hearts.

“So, if the Son Sets You Free from Sin, then Become a True Son and be Unquestionably Free!”

John 8:36 TPT

It always starts with what we say, thoughts don’t have any power over us or others, except to lead us in a right or wrong direction. What we say turns thoughts into reality, good words create good, bad words create bad.

Like James talks about in James 3, our tongue, small like the rudder of a ship, can take us into the open sea or crash us into the reef of condemnation, it’s our choice. James goes on to explain,

"With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father,

and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness.”

James 3:9 NIV

So many times, we think our knowledge, or the number of words we use, will win our battles. Always remember that the battle is not ours, it belongs to God! When we turn to Him, God will speak through us, and our words will be few and filled with Love!

Anything said outside of Love is NOT of God! To help me stay focused on what God wants me to say, every day I pray:

“Father God, make my words, Your Words, my thoughts Your Thoughts, my steps Your Steps. Let all who see me, see only You, all who hear me, Hear Only You!”


Albert Einstein said: “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

So, this is my message to Welcome the New Year!

We ARE What We Eat! - The Seed We Nurture is the Seed that Will Grow!”

“If the Son Sets You Free from Sin, then Become Unquestionably Free!”

When in doubt about what to say, ask God for help, or ask yourself, …

“What Would Jesus Say?” - WWJS


So now the case is closed.

There remains no accusing voice of condemnation

against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One.

Romans 8:1 TPT

Above All else …

Love God FIRST!

Love People ALL WAYS!

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