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“When we stop giving, ...”

Our actions define who we are.

How we treat others is how others will treat us.

My dad would always say, “When we stop giving, we stop getting.”, his version of the golden rule.

It seems easy to say thanks. We are taught “say thank you?” before most of us learn to walk. But do we really mean it? Is our gratitude truly from a “thankful” heart? Gratitude is not something that we hand out as a gift, it is an act of love, an acknowledgment of how someone has treated us. Someone takes that first step of kindness, and we appreciate it.

Taking a step is an action, a decision to do something. When we take action, things happen, it is a universal law, it is God’s law. When something is put into action it remains in action until its forward motion is stopped.

When was the last time that you treated someone the way you wanted to be treated? Why then, do you expect them to treat you like you want them to?

Believers, and non-believers alike, want to be blessed with the fruit of the spirit that the Apostle Paul explained in Galatians. We all want to be joyful, kind, faithful, good, patient, gentle, selfless, and have peace and love throughout our lives. We strive to be fruitful”.

Fruit trees don’t just appear, they come from a small seed that is a fraction of the size of tree it becomes. Think about how many apples come from one seed.

So, it is with the fruit of the spirit. Every fruit we receive starts with a seed we plant. It’s just that simple. The next time you consider the fruit of the spirit, think about the seeds you plant. We are who we choose to be, it is our interactions with others that define who we are.

Take the First Step!

If you want Love, … LOVE FIRST!

If you want Joy, … BE JOYFUL!

If you want Peace, … BE PEACEFUL!

If you want Patience, … BE PATIENT!

If you want Kindness, … BE KIND!

If you want Goodness, … BE GOOD!

If you want Gentleness, … BE GENTLE!

If you want Faith, … BE FAITHFUL!

If you don’t want to be Hurt, … DON'T HURT!

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